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Thursday, 17 June 2021

Without Sound, Conservation of Energy and Momentum in a Time Is Impossible

Electrical energy is originated as energy in consequence of moving electrons. This potential form of energy converts electricity as negative charge electrons flow in opposite direction, while its loop flows positively through the propagation of energy. When electric wave proceeds, magnetic wave comes forth perpendicular with each other, and set in action of energy propagation. How, and Why? Simply, it’s an electro-magnetic (Electricity) phenomenon.

While electrical energy are on load in a conductor of High Tension Line, there will obviously create ‘Induced Current’. It’s a vital phenomenon. This induced current is actually magneto-electric (maybe treated as Magnetricity) phenomenon. In this view, our universe is nothing but a phenomenon of intertwines action of Electricity and of Magnetricity.

When only electron (e-) flows reverse on electric (energy) propagation, there automatically produces magnetism that behave as a wave-particle duality. And while it is designed of particle structure, there is, virtually, come neutron first. So far as neutron behaves as microscopic magnet. As it is brought together of dual entity, any measurement at any point, in definite time, would quantify which is based on wavelength of the particle. In this phase, there is in no way to conceive excess energy. Why? So far as where excess energy flows, there the sound originates. Excess energy conserves by producing sounds naturally.

Polariton, Spion, or Holon, what’s in a name, is an activating quasi- particle. When excessive energy passes through the conductor, there must be Magnetricity (magneto-electric effect) imposed by means of atmospheric condition. Simply, an electron while flows, and gains energy, the magnetic field must produce energy surroundings propagation. But excessive energy in a field like HT lines generally produces sound-vibration. This propagation of sound maybe covers up out-of-phase movements of the atoms in the lattice, or maybe that one phonon moving to the left and another right. So this fluctuation or oscillation in displacement creates sound, and then couples the electricity field by electrical polarization.

Only magnetic wave is the soul carrier of excessive energy in a field, or flow-path of induced current in electricity. For obvious it creates sound. So, conservation of energy and momentum, in any incidence, in a definite time must synchronize on its base-form at ultimate end. That is activated, and reactivated in normal circumstances.

Saturday, 6 March 2021

Space-time Curvature Is a Natural Function of Wave, Not Gravitational Wave

Distortions in the fabric of space, i.e. curvature of space within time, should be a definition of wave, only the wave itself. It is not overall the gravity what we acknowledge so far. Either Newtonian or Einstein’s prediction in classical physics this so-called gravity is itself an attraction of course but it simply depends on mass in respect of the massive objects like Earth, Moon etc. Naturally, it varies. Quantum physics wants to correlate the gravity everywhere in the cosmos that is gravity gravitates. When it acts as attractive force, from where it comes or produces, it is still not clear.

The space environment around Earth is characterized by interactions between Earth’s magnetic field and nearby plasma. A key physical process in these interactions is magnetic reconnection, in which two adjacent field lines break and each half subsequently joins half of the other broken line to form new field lines.

NASA’s Magnetospheric Multi-scale (MMS) mission has studied this magnetic reconnection. Small-scale motions of electrons in the vicinity of a magnetic reconnection event can thus shed light on the magnetic topology in a region much large than the area of observation, and that magnetic reconnection may directly accelerate electrons to relativistic energy.

In a new search for quantum fluctuations of space-time (energy reforms its momentum) on Planck Scales, physicists have found that everything is smooth. That means it still cannot find a way to resolve general relativity with quantum mechanics. Space-time under relativity follows objects are only directly influenced by their immediate surroundings in space and time. In the quantum realm – atomic and subatomic scales – general relativity breaks down. That is a phenomenon of non-locality happens nothing at a specific space and time.

Maybe in a natural observation wave creates this so-called gravity; actually, it almost creates and converts as entity first, and conserve back to energy where it comes. In which we have so far been labeled by gravitation, was only a creative form of energy projected as wave.

Firstly, this universe was not filled with matter and radiation; instead, it only possessed a large amount of energy. Where in the name of matter and radiation it is just transformed, converted form of energy in a certain temperature.

This energy of the universe is increasing upon the quantum fluctuation and then inflation ends converting that intrinsic-to-space energy into matter and radiation within a limit of time.

NASA researchers have also observed that magnetic fields in the outskirts of the galaxy no longer follow the spiral structure. This galaxy is tugging at the outermost tip of one of the magnetic fields. So magnetic fields are important in shaping spiral galaxies and helps unravel the complex role. Thus in an alternative view magnetic field plays significant role in the evolution of galaxy.

Is it fact that the area around the super massive black hole at the centre of our milky way is dominated by gravity?

NASA’s airborne telescope and SOFIA observed magnetic fields maybe strong enough to control material moving around the black hole. There are still aspects of our galaxy’s black hole that we can’t explain with gravity alone. Magnetic fields obviously help to solve the problem. SOFIA also observed, magnetic fields control the plasma of the solar atmosphere, called the corona, because the pressure created by magnetic fields is greater than the pressure created by heat or thermal energy. Its data concluded that the pressure created by magnetic field is greater than the thermal pressure.

As far as we acknowledge, magnetic fields in the surroundings of galaxies were so faint that it cannot be detected. Astronomers now identify the large gas halos surrounding galaxies, and expect there also vast magnetic fields stretching out far into these halos.

A materials’ magnetism is dictated by how many electrons that material have, and how they orbit. This is because electrons while functioning do not have a charge simply; they also act like tiny magnets with a north and a south pole. The direction this is pointed in is known as its spin.

So far as gravitational wave concern, it maybe a vibration in space-time, which means it moves just fine through the vacuum of space. We can hear these waves, in the same sense that sound waves vibrate through a medium, like ocean or rock. For these (gravitational?) waves, space-time is the medium. It’s too late to come the right instrument to hear them.

The days are not so far, we will be able to hear the universe as never before, from the deep rumble of merging super massive black holes to the zippy chirps of colliding neutron stars. The universe is full of light and darkness we acknowledge; but it is actually full of vibrating sound preserved by magnetization.



Monday, 14 September 2020

Physicist Should Have Solved the Sound Problem First

We know an electric charge has an electric field and if the charge is moving, there generate a magnetic field. The combination of the electric and magnetic field is called electromagnetic field, and its interaction with charges is the source of electromagnetic force, which is one of the fundamental forces in physics.

Is this electric charge carried by subatomic particles or wave?

The vibration of an electric charge creates electromagnetic waves. These waves produced because of between an electric field and a magnetic field. In a nutshell, electro-magnetic waves are composed of oscillating magnetic and electric fields perpendicular mutually, and to the direction of motion. Therefore, an electromagnetic wave may create by accelerating charges, moving the charges back and forth, will produce the vibration that is sound. These travels, if radiated, are always defined as light, and at the same time it should treated as sound.

On the other, sound waves are shown as example of mechanical waves, while light waves are example of electromagnetic waves. Sound waves are elastic waves also, and propagate through actual vibration or oscillation of constituent particles in the field it travels through. In this hypothetic view, sound is the transfer of reactive-energy from a vibrating entity in waves that travels through the field, and its propagation is by no means right-angled to the direction of the energy transport.

Bjorn Ursin, Norwegian University of Science & Technology, theorized unified treatment of elastic and electromagnetic wave propagation in horizontally layered media. It is shown that three-dimensional elastic waves, acoustic waves and electromagnetic waves in isotropic layered media can all be represented by an equation with the same properties.

Now if we looked at electromagnetic energy within a field with all of its characteristics, there might be reversibly transformed sound energy outside the field. Above all sound energy has then the exceptional and original energy resource root. It obeys the principle of conservation of energy and momentum if the system has not produced another difficulty, which has so far been turned aside.
Recently, an exquisite new meteorological data has uncovered what millions of barometer readings missed – an ensemble of waves that race around the earth, covering it in a patchwork quilt of high-low pressure zones. Atmospheric scientists now describe them as ‘normal modes’ – waves that resonate like the ringing of a bell. The simplest mode raises the pressure in one hemisphere and lower it in the other. They also noticed that pressure in the tropics rose and fell every twelve hours. The daily timing linked the changes to heating from the sun, but theorists couldn’t explain why the effect was so large. Laplace once developed a theory predicting that continent-size pressure waves would periodically sweep around the globe.

In the GRW (Ghirardi-Rimini-Weber) model, the standard unitary evolution of orthodox quantum mechanics, as theorized, is interrupted by spontaneous jump of the wave function. Obviously, their prediction is the fact that a truly random noise or propagation of sound is always indistinguishable. Each jump would release so much kinetic energy that heat, and even sound would be instantly emitted. This emission of sound, even faint, is excluded empirically. Therefore, in this universe, random propagation or jump of wave injects enough energy should be solved too.

Similarly, V. M. Kontorovich & A. M. Glutsynk calculated that when a sound wave strikes the boundary of a conductor situated in an external magnetic field, electromagnetic waves are induced by the oscillations of the conducting medium, along with the reflected and refracted sound waves. Accordingly, when an electromagnetic wave is incident on a conductor, sound waves that move away from the interface are produced. This mutual convertibility of acoustic and electromagnetic waves can be the interest in the research on magneto-acoustic effect in every sphere.

In an article, Entering a New Era of Dark Energy Cosmology, Matteo Rini, has written about BAO (Baryon Acoustic Oscillations). BAOs were produced by acoustic waves in the hot, primordial plasma making up the early universe. When the plasma’s electrons and protons became bound in neutral atom. This freezing ultimately resulted in subtle, periodic oscillations in the density of galaxies. That is a point of view that, acoustic scale increased as the universe expanded.

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Covid-19 Patient Should Be Kept In a Dark Isolated Ward

Virologists are all one with this point of view that genetic evidence of Corona Virus has a desperate characteristics of hiding out in nature for decades. It also makes use of a diverse arsenal of dangerous molecules. Now covid-19 is itself a family of dynamic killers. It can readily attack human cells at multiple points, with lungs and the throat being the main targets. Although infected children are at a lower risk of death than adults.

Infected covid-19 patient will experience mild to moderate respiratory trouble. SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) Cov-2 genome is composed of RNA. But it has an overlapping stretches of the SARS Cov-2 genome converted into DNA.

However, after recovering from infection, many people of high levels of anti-bodies against the virus, but in some cases, such anti-bodies are at very low level, and some cases are undetectable. It is seen that large portions of Covid-19 have no symptoms, but may have a silent infection.  

So far, it is all out responsive investigation that immune imbalance is the only factor of covid-19 sufferers. Low levels of interferon reduce a cell’s ability to limit viral replication and the activation of less-specific immune responses promotes inflammation.

Therefore, treatment of Covid-19 patient in large scale is deeply in shock, and in dark metaphor. From ancient ages, it is natural phenomenon to treat such a patient would have been keeping in dark isolated place.

Monday, 9 September 2019

Sensation Acts upon Brain, Perception Reacts from Heart

To grasp nursery rhyme at childhood, everybody recalls, what is ‘learn by heart’. Also, the expression of a broken heart is a reference to grief, or to love of disappointed romance. From longing of ages around the planet, it carries the same meaning with us all.
In Sanskrit, it may imply both the anatomical object, and mind or soul representing the seat of emotions. The Chinese temperament for heart is seen as the centre of Spirit and Consciousness. To ancient Egyptians concept, heart is identified as the centre of emotions, reason or intellect. Many classical philosophers along with scientists considered the heart is the seat of thought, reason and emotion; often disregarding the brain as contributing to those functions. In Dictionaries, heart actually used to refer to an individual’s character, or the place within a person where sensations or emotions are considered to come from, and acknowledged as perception.
Sensation acts, by internal or external stimulation, from five sensory-organs is inevitable for human being. That is the sensory receptors detected the stimuli first. These stimuli are transduced into electrical impulses. Electrical impulses, may be called action potentials, play a central role to communicate signals to be decoded by the brain-function. In any sequence, electrical impulses thus move along neural pathways. Ultimately, specific part of the human brain could work instantaneously by decoding these impulses into information. Actually, it generates by a neuron as ‘spike train’, and is getting ready to be synchronized through heart. 

Where an individual experiences sensory loss, may be dysfunction of sensation process; but experimental evidence shows there the effect is perception based. Why?

Perception mainly is to organize, identify, and interpret the sensory information in order to represent and understood by processing the sensory inputs, and connecting with human concepts. Perception, may be, depends on complex functions of the nervous system, but subjectively seems mostly effortless because this processing happens outside conscious awareness. Then, where this perception actually comes from? Seems it only react by heart through creating opposite impulses in a human body. 

The perceptual systems that designed to make inferences based on sense. This system of the brain enables individuals to acknowledge, even though the sensory information is typically incomplete and rapidly varying. Our perception always becomes more selective and we finally get it by heart. Perception mainly is such a bottom-up process where brain of individuals touches the destination to heart, by heart. 

Cognitive theories of perception believe there is always overall deficiency of stimulus. That is their claim that sensations are unable to provide an authentic perception. Therefore, sensations to be decoded into useful information require enriching in which there is the role of the heart’s initiative order.

Perception is based upon sensations of course, but the information is actually presented to the perceptual systems, which is bound to motivate by heart. Science has so many observations; but, in contrast, experimentation is somehow a little. It is totally dark-side of heart, whatever be, explicated so far as tacit knowledge. 

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Being Is Light, and Nothingness Manifests as Darkness

Then, plasma is the most common state of being in this universe.

Primordial being would one that exhibit itself in a continuous process. Say light. Compton Effect is the scattering of a photon by a negatively charged particle i.e. electron. It results in a decrease in energy, and at the same time increase in wavelength of the photon. Part of the energy of the photon is transferred to the recoiling electron. Not only have that, Inverse Compton scattering occurs simultaneously when the electron transformed part of its energy to the photon. This is so far a continuous process of natural phenomenon of light, where photon never exhibit as wave.

Thus, light is created as a being in the universe where plasma state exists. One cannot explain this light purely as a wave phenomenon. Compton’s experiment convinced that light can be treated as stream of particles i.e. quanta called photon.

On the contrary, electron plays an essential role in dark phenomenon i.e. darkness. By any occurrence, electrons only exhibit properties of both particles and waves. Light is such a phenomenon where electron by action is initiated as particle, and by reaction merges into darkness i.e. nothingness as wave. This incidence in the universe also implies that where randomness persists there may be a reason of expanding.

Here nothingness should treat as Shaktipurna Shunyata i.e. the void full of energy.

Monday, 31 December 2018

Natural Way of Looking at Things

Second Law of Thermodynamics states that ‘randomness’ of our world is continually increasing. Moreover, this universe is expanding at a slow rate. Edwin Hubble observed, distant galaxies are moving away from us with speeds that are proportional to their distances from us, so that if we extrapolate backwards, we conclude that everything would have come together at more or less the same time.
Above all, observations of the light from distant supernova suggest that the universe’s expansion is accelerating. This acceleration is actually caused by an undiscovered force that acts through the vacuum. Hypothetically, this undiscovered force is known as Dark Energy, which is in operation over cosmological scales.

Maybe this randomness, this expansion, or this undiscovered force has a distinct link with sound formation too. Sounds have its usual roots to restructure, and tie upside-down. So far sounds are increasing not only in this world, but everywhere in this cosmos also, is a natural obligation of these phenomena.

Remember David Bohm, physics was more or less complete in its developments. …further work in it would only be a matter of refinements in its next decimal points. The usual way of looking at things is, therefore, turned upside down. Maybe it is turning towards sound. Consider once more, what has said Albert Einstein; we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Have Human Beings possessed Extra-sensory Perception?

Extra-sensory Perception (ESP) is commonly called sixth sense, or second sight. It includes claimed reception of information which is not gained through the traditional physical senses i.e. Pancha-Indriya, but sensed with the mind. It is the perception (as in telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition) that involves awareness of information about events external to the self not gained through the senses and not deducible from previous experience.
There is also a common belief that observers can experience changes directly with their mind, without needing to rely on the traditional physical senses such as vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch to identify it. This alleged ability is also refer to as a sixth sense, or ESP. Researchers are able to show that while observers could reliably sense changes that they could not visually identify, this ability was not due to extra-sensory perception or a sixth sense.
Actually, human being possesses no extra-sensory perception. Any information comes in and mediates with wave is only as a wave. Wave just functions, and recreates perception or changes sense by using Pancha-Indriya i.e., vision-hearing-taste-smell-touch.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Cause of creation, Its Nature, and the Universe

Primordial fluctuations are density variations originated at its beginning in the early universe. In the perspective of cosmic inflation it is also explained, and widely accepted.
Space-time disturbance is now considered the root of this density variations in the universe creates everything. It is absolutely a natural order by creation. Any structure formation of a body thus sets from this initial condition of fluctuations.

Fidgeting of human beings is therefore expected.

As for, this universe has a natural tendency of density variations. That is its quantum behaviour is always fluctuating. It is an act or seemingly soul property of this universe.

Why are we thinking about primordial fluctuations?

This fluctuation happens for everything in order. And it is the cause for being and nothingness, which simultaneously exists. Without this fluctuation ontology is inexpressible, was then unfeasible, and will be unworkable too. In the past present and future, in every time-being, this fluctuation exists. Principally, a wave is a disturbance in a medium or field. For sound wave, the medium is air. Waves are distinguished in parts by the medium through which they travel. Accordingly, travelling waves disturb a medium or field, and it transport energy and momentum. Therefore, this fluctuation produces the space-time disturbances. Without wave, this fluctuation is actually absurd and impossible entity. Wave stands for fluctuation, and vice-versa.

Any pattern of wave has strictly been a formation of sound. Then fluctuations would have the same characteristics follows sound that is Shabda Brahma.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Quintessence, the Byom

Observations of the light from distant supernovae suggest that the universe is expanding. Better to say its expansion is accelerating. That means some unknown force, it is known as dark energy, is in operation over cosmological scales.

Physicists best guess for the source of dark energy was the energy fluctuations in the ‘vacuum’ of empty space, but their calculations told them otherwise. When they did the sums, the theory gave a value for the accelerated expansion that was unpredictably too big.

This acceleration of universe is actually caused by an undiscovered force that acts through the vacuum. Physicists don’t have much clue where the force might come from; they do at least have a name for it: Quintessence.

Indian philosophy authenticates it as Byom, that means the space with full of energy, Shaktipurna Shunyata. It is one of the five primary elements such as Earth-Water-Fire-Air and the Byom. Its characteristic is integrated with sound obviously.

Without Sound, Conservation of Energy and Momentum in a Time Is Impossible

Electrical energy is originated as energy in consequence of moving electrons. This potential form of energy converts electricity as negati...